50 Years of Equality at Work Celebration

Event Details

September 24, 2015 marked the 50th anniversary of Executive Order 11246. On that date, The OFCCP Institute celebrated this significant civil rights milestone and the Federal contractor community's achievements in furthering the goal of equality in the American workplace at the Wilson Center in Washington, DC. The Institute hosted a special, celebratory reception, where attendees were joined by former OFCCP Directors, prominent members of the federal contractor community, the President of the National Civil Rights Museum, and other distinguished guests. In addition, special music and entertainment was provided by musicians from the Jazz Chronicles.

At the celebration, The OFCCP Institute was pleased to announce a partnership between The OFCCP Institute ("The Institute") and D.C. Public Schools and introduce an annual scholarship foundation, "EO 11246 Equality at Work Foundation." This scholarship foundation provides D.C. public high school students with the opportunity to participate in an essay contest for $40,000 in college scholarships (four scholarships of $10,000 each).


  • "Thank you all for inviting me and for the truly remarkable event commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Executive Order. It was an honor to participate and to be involved in the video production as well. You have brought honor to the OFCCP and the goals it has advanced."

    ~ Lawrence Z. Lorber, Former OFCCP Director

  • "Thanks so much for the invitation. It was really a pleasure to see everyone and to contribute to the agency's history."

    ~Shirley J. Wilcher, Former OFCCP Director

  • "Thank you for the praise and Spotlight in your newsletter. I appreciate the accommodations made for me to ensure that DCPS had a representative for this wonderful opportunity for our students. I look forward to continuing working with you all and moving towards not just "four fingers but to add a thumb" (4 scholarships to 5!) as stated in my remarks."

    ~ Therese Farmer from DC Public Schools

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